We Imagine New Experiences.

Our job is our passion. Creativity is our strength. Design is our frame. Journey is our dream. Experience is our way. Technology is our tool.

We bring people together to create human connections.
We’ve reconfigured the boundaries of experience to create live, digital and virtual connections that have the power to transform, elevate and excite.



We design, plan and produce live events with the aim of offering authentic experiences and excite people.

Our services

Creative Live Events

Corporate and Brand Communication

Live Sport and Art Experience

Experience Training Course and Team Building

Live Incentive and Travel Experience

We create content and develop complete digital solutions with a strategic multi channel approach.

Our services

Creative Digital Events

Digital Communication

Content Strategy & Editorial Plans

Social Media Strategy

Engage and e-learning Projects

We design immersive experiences into virtual environments with unlimited possibilities where to offer opportunities for meeting, learning and product launches.

Our services

Virtual & Hybrid Experiences

Virtual Events & Webinars

Virtual learning, roundtables

Virtual product launches

Live and on-demand streaming

Web conferencing


Do you want to know how we can help you?

Contact us at info@creo.it  we’re always on the lookout for new experiences.