Creo is a human-centered experiential company that for over twenty years has supported companies in the pharmaceutical and medical technology sectors to face complex challenges, collaborating in the implementation of initiatives that allow them to offer a high level of competence in a sector characterized by complexity specifications.

A targeted offer, which is expressed in full compliance with the ethical codes of the life science sector, legislation and company policies, with a particular focus on strategic consulting, scientific communication, training events, product launches, communication with sales networks, interactive technologies and remote, synchronous and asynchronous training.


From small meetings to large events, from budgeting to fundraising, from logistics management to hotel allotment management, from hospitality to delegate management, from clinics to investigator’s meetings, from the design and set-up of stands and exhibition spaces, to the launch of products, we take care of every aspect of communication towards:

⦿ Employees and of sales networks   
⦿ Doctors   
⦿ Nurses   
⦿ Pharmacists   
⦿ Socio-health professionals   
⦿ Patients and consumers
⦿ Various players in the Health system


We are an ecosystem of professionals with a multidisciplinary approach, able to respond promptly and effectively to the economic and technological challenges of a sector in continuous growth and evolution.

The basis of our method is experientiality, which provides the conditions for a totally “human centered” project.


We have a dedicated team, ready to respond at any time to every aspect of the communication project in a sector that requires a strong sensitivity and a high level of specialization.

We are a group with many years of experience:

⦿ Key Opinion Leaders
⦿ Project leaders
⦿ Copywriters scientifici
⦿ Art Directors
⦿ Digital and Social Specialists
⦿ Video makers 

A HUMAN-CENTERED EXPERIENTIAL COMPANY that combines passion, competence and experience.

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