Creativity at the service of strategy, we are an experiential marketing, communication and events company that imagines, designs and realizes meaningful experiences in live, digital and virtual spaces.​

We believe in the power of human connection

We deliver high-impact projects that that thrill, surprise, and amaze audiences.

We bring stories to life by taking concepts and ideas and turning them into experiences that reconnect us to a sense of belonging to something bigger.

In an increasingly digitalized world, experiences still have the power to connect, engage, and inspire change.

From conception to production, our work process is designed with the ambitious aim of exploring new forms of entertainment capable of deeply involving people and transform every experience into valuable emotions.


Our mission is to improve the human experience by using the power of creativity, design and technology.

By creating and developing original contents we help brands better engage with their communities through authentic live, digital and virtual journeys.

A borderless creative company driven by the desire of pioneer unconventional ways of entertainment that offer the world new experiences.



Every encounter between a brand and a person is a unique experience in need of heart and soul.​

Gianfranco Maiorana, CEO CREO